Professional Development for Title I

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Staff Development for English Learners

In-Person Workshops A 3.5 hour training regarding the implementation of programs presented by The Latino Family Literacy Projects is provided for teachers, administrators, bilingual aides, and parent coordinators. Once trained, our programs are a perfect fit for Hispanic parents for Title I and Title III Parent Involvement programs. Candidates need to be trained only once to have the ability to implement any one our programs, as they are structured with the similar format, and may choose to include ages young and old-specific program.

The workout workshop provides everything needed to implement this system, including a cultural competency overview for working on Hispanic ESL parents, and uses the step-by-step means for each age appropriate program. See our our video's learning english school

Online Webinars A 1.5 hour cbt training that's grade level specific is obtainable by The Latino Family Literacy Project. The webinar will cover research and trends, for a cultural foundation and framework for understanding Hispanic parents and ways to snag them included in the college community, age-specific program training, and ELD tools and curriculum.

District-wide Workshops For a minimum of 15 attendees, we is supplied to your school district for a private 3.5 hour workshop at the date, time, and placement of your choice. Your staff will be trained to use all of our age-appropriate programs. The district-wide workshops can be found at no additional charge beyond the standard registration fee per person. Pick a date in your workshop and contact us! Check out a testimony learning english school

Workshop Pricing Please see our website for details:

Workshop schedule: Locations: Online webinar, California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico

Please see our website for current days and times