Opportunities at Columbia Property Capital in Maryland

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Property investments at Columbia Property Capital is the best! After 5 many over 140 successful real estate property transactions within the Greater Washington DC region, we decided finally it was time for them to open our doors to investors so as to enable them to participate in our success and our growth.

We are actually confident that we have established a proven formula in making value and reduce risk for our investors through extensive market information, creative strategic design and a long-term method to building and selling quality homes to our clients.

We will always be looking for new property investments with high yield debt Opportunity In DC which is able to bring our investors an above average return with minimum risk. Having completed over 260 Real Estate dealings valued at over $60 million we testified knowledge in our field and an impeccable reputation in all professionals within our industry.

If you want to know about learning discover committing to our Company, please contact Guy Prudhomme at (800) 974-0782

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